How ThunderFix Works?

This is an article which is related to ThunderFix application. You can downlad it here.

If you don't use Mozilla Thunderbird, than probably you don't know what this is. It's alternative open source e-mail client. I would recommend it to everyone. Well, if you do use Thunderbird as your E-mail client than this article might be useful to you. So let's get started.

My Thunderbird profile is more than 2GB large. I have news and groups subscriptions and 3 different e-mail accounts. The problem is, that last month the program was very slow. I use many sub folders and while clicking on them, the program freezed for a few seconds and then showed it's content. This was really annoying. So I checked my profile and found many files and folders. I also searched the Thunderbird website for more information. What really got attention to my eyes was this article. The problem lies in *.msf files, which are summary files for each folder and might become corrupted and can contain "garbage". So I tested this right away (read results bellow). Procedure is here and use this at your own risk. Backup your profile before proceeding. I recommend this tool.

  • Close Thunderbird.
  • Click START - RUN and type %APPDATA%\Thunderbird
  • Then find profiles.ini file and open it in notepad.
  • Find the line which contains Path= parameter. Under this parameter is a path to your profile.
  • Go to your profile folder, where you will find *.msf files.
  • Delete *.msf files and restart Thunderbird.
  • Wait for a few minutes, while Thunderbird generates all *.msf files back. When summary file for X folder is done, you can click on X folder and see it's content. If you don't see anything, while clicking on X folder, than summary file is not ready yet or you might have another problem.
  • Restart Thunderbird.

When I reopened Thunderbird I was happy :). Folders were opened instantly with no delays. I also noticed that some of *.msf files are smaller now, so this proofs that some parts were unnecessary in those files.