Password Policy Manager (PPM)


  • Create PSOs
  • Edit PSOs
  • Assign PSOs to users or groups
  • Un-assign PSO from users or groups
  • Delete PSO
  • Search for PSOs
  • List PSO settings
  • Export PSO settings to LDF file


By Miha Jakovac and Miha Pihler

Windows 2008 domains allow different password policies (Fine-Grained Password) to be applied to different user accounts in the same domain. Policies can be applied either to user accounts or groups.

PPM tool is a simple tool that allows you to create new Password Security Object (PSO) and apply it to selected objects (users or groups). You can also use this tool to search, modify or delete any existing password settings object (PSO).

Advanced features of the tool allows you to search for objects (users, groups or existing PSO) and change or view PSO related settings applied to the objects. You can also export the setting to LDF formatted file.

System Requirements:

  • PPM tool can be run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.
  • PPM tool will only work in Windows 2008 domain that is set to Windows Server 2008 domain functional level.

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